The Story Of An Entrepreneur

Share your magic with the world, you never know what impact it will have.

By Rinna Agarrwal

Rinna Agarrwal- A true Business woman capturing milestones with captivating speed, moving with a defined inclination for Art, Culture,
Literature and Handicraft. It is such a delight to work with intrigued participation for all around to capitalize the common goal. She is that observatory which does show the stars but defining the characteristics for the star to be known, felt and remembered. This comes from the
obvious power of her pen, which urges her grace to wield the inspiration and voice her heart to weave in reality. Much has been talked and some should be left for you to experience in-person and include yourself to sit-in and wait for the moment where you come along to be a part in the ‘List of Ambassadors’. Ms. Rinna Aggarwal where she from being a home-maker, never backed out from taking a longer stride to becoming an Entrepreneur. The journey can only be experienced when you talk to her in-person and if your stars are happy enough to match her frequency to spill few a times about it. The sessions are not only enriching to develop certain aspect in you but to also practice them a formidable personality.

As a founder of House of Nuqat, she is the observer of the brand by defining the characteristics for the name to be known, felt, and remembered. 

“There is no magic to achievement. It’s really about hard work, choices, and persistence.”

The lady has just started. And, creating perspective which stands-out as one of a kind to be the median. She has been silently empowering lives through her initiative at ‘Sanskritii Pariwaar’.

The first of it’s kind women only group which empowers lives of not only the downtrodden but also the privileged. Here, the bridge of culture to your nature comes alive. What an initiative, you have to follow it to believe it.

Another fortress that she laid was in the field of Luxury, where she wanted to bring heritage royalty with a redefined matrix for the discreet audience. Laying the foundation for ‘House of Nuqat’, which will bring extravaganza for the discreet audience in it’s discreet flavor through a nuance of royal assemblage. It is absolutely with no doubt, this platform will be the most talked about in sometime only because of the intent which is getting it structured. This has all the elements of being a platform where the audience will leave as ‘ambassadors’ with an icing of connoisseur approach.