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You are the creator of your own destiny

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"Dream Big, Stay Focused & Make It Happen."
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"Behind Every Successful Woman Is Herself."
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Rinna Agarrwal- A true Business woman capturing milestones with captivating speed, moving with a defined inclination for Art, Culture, Literature and Handicraft. It is such a delight to work with intrigued participation for all around to capitalize the common goal.  As a founder of House of Nuqat, she is the observer of the brand by defining the characteristics for the name to be known, felt, and remembered. 

Sanskritii  Pariwaar is the brainchild of  Rinna Agarrwal, which was started 4 years ago to rejuvenate and strengthen the cultural roots of the tradition and culture of India through participatory activities among  people which is on the verge of extinction. It’s an initiative to nurture an environment for the continuation and development of the artistic and cultural expressions of India.

 “Everything contributes to the Publicity.


Enjoy the little in life & we are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.


“बातें मैं भी आम ही करती हूँ, बस समझने वाले इसे खास बना देते है I”

“जो सब्र के साथ इंतजार करना जानते हैं
उनके पास हर चीज किसी न किसी तरीके से पहुँच जाती है “

“हर चीज़ से बढ़कर , अपने जीवन की नायिका बनिए शिकार नहीं॥”